Officers & Board Members

Sarah Mai, Executive Director

Sarah Mai has a passion for teaching and empowering people who have developmental disabilities. Before becoming executive director, Sarah served The Mission Project for more than seven years as a programming consultant. She facilitates Problem Solvers, a group that teaches participants vital social and life skills. Her expertise in assistive technology led to the iPad Project, which teaches participants how to manage their lives through technology.


Ed Soltz, President

Ed is a partner in the law firm of Baker, Soltz and Blum.  He is a devoted player in the KC Metro Senior Softball League and serves on the board of the Jewish Community Relations Bureau.  Ed and his wife, Marcia, are the parents of Greg, who has lived independently in The Mission Project for more than 7 years.


Kay Webb, Secretary

Kay and John are parents of Susan and have been part of The Mission Project almost since its inception.



John Pittman, Treasurer

John and Donna are the parents of Shannon, who has been a participant in The Mission Project since its inception. John has resumed the position of treasurer after serving in that role from 2004 through 2012. He worked in the financial industry for 43 years, primarily in bank mergers and acquisitions.

2016 Board Members
  • Alvan Berry
  • Scott Conner
  • Barb Davis
  • George Dirnberger
  • Dave Janus
  • Gordon Kempf
  • Charlie Lamont
  • Randa Niederhauser
  • John Pittman
  • Bill Porter
  • Bob Randall
  • Linda Roser
  • Larry Rouse
  • Ed Soltz
  • Avner Stern
  • Kay Webb
  • Catherine Vesce
  • Fred Zang
Past Board Presidents
  • Carody Wise
  • Larry Rouse
  • George Dirnberger
  • Bob Randall
  • Fred Zang
  • Avner Stern


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